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100 Crunches -A -Day - January 2023 Fitness Challenges

On January 1, 2023, I joined the 100 Crunches-A-Day Fitness challenge, organized by St. Jude's Cancer Research Hospital. It's a Facebook fundraiser that is also a fitness challenge and I found it to be irresistible because: It's a fitness challenge I really needed to get back into routine and find motivation it's a fitness for a good cause: cancer research for children  I've donated to the campaign within the first week with a goal to capture $250 for the research hospital. It takes 10 minutes a day for me to do these crunches and less than 10 seconds to donate! This challenge is to benefit children who are severely ill and fighting daily to maintain their health. Between the reps...

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NEW GOALS 2022 - X Bands Product Review

Thanks to a conversation with X Bands representatives this evening, I have new inspiration. After a week away from the gym, I was frustrated that I wasn't able to get under the heavy weights and resistance that my muscles need to grow. As I looked through my fitness equipment, reluctantly starting an evening home workout, I decided to use my one and only resistance band for my glute workout.  After remembering my first workout with these bands, I decided to call the company to find out how they support fitness influencers. The x-bands website is full of resources like fitness videos and training other parts of the body besides just glutes.I learned a lot through a short conversation with a customer service...

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