Two fitness entreprenuers (Nay Fit and Raven K Jackson) hosted "Kake Camp," an outdoor fitness session in Piedmont Park in 2020 during the summer of the Coivd-19 pandemic
The two influencers, especially Raven, encouraged me to start my glute-building journey and grow my fitness based business, ArtModelFit.
I was given a narrow red exercise band along with a T-shirt from IamNayFit's brand, "Fit University."
It was extremely hot on that summer day in 2020, and it rained the night before, so some of the soil in the park was disturbed and muddy. We found a dry place, and began our workout with a dance-based warmup that only seemed more intense because of the Hotlanta sun. The heat was bearable because everyone was desperate to get out of lockdown. Gyms were closed, but when they re-opened, many people like myself, were still hesitant to go inside of them. So, fitness professionals like Nay and Raven used internet marketing to create unique socially-distanced, in-person experiences.
That was 2 years ago, and just a memory now, and this writing is a memorial to Raven, who passed away 5 months ago in September 2022.
As of today, Raven's legacy is visible in all of the  work she has invested in herself and others through fitness. As someone who is still building muscle, I have to learn everything I can from people who have done it.
I lost my opportunity to ask her questions about working out, or even possibly to train with her----I stupidly thought she would always be around when I was finally ready to train...
Most of her knowledge in the form of videos and posts still remain online, and it's up to me to do the work. It's helpful for me to see all of the techniques for lifting----and the most effective exercises to reach my goals. (Hand positions, foot positions, machinery and equipment.)
Without proper guidance, goals will never materialize. I not only want to build my body but to grow Art Model Fit to have an influence on the lives of many artists. It's refreshing to connect with the fire of someone who was truly passionate about having an influence:
I would like to insert a timely quote from the lady herself:
"I am not a definitive thing, I have no limits nor boundaries. I am everything, anything, and nothing. My purpose is to help and inspire. Making other people happy is what makes me most happy and as long as I can inspire one person to see the greatness within themselves I am truly content. I’m just a vessel here in borrowed time put here to carry out great work. It is my responsibility to touch as many souls as I can before my time runs out.
There is no silver bullet. No magic solution or potion that’s going to get you to your destination or goals. The formula is simple: prayer, hard work, network, perseverance, genuineness and the belief that you WILL. Do it for you! Your reasonings! Don’t convince yourself that someone else’s destination is your own because their final chapter might just look like your intro. Think bigger. You have the burning passion in you to do something because it is in your purpose. I have no fire in me to become a dentists or heart surgeon but you might because that’s what’s meant for you! Stay in your lane, tunnel vision. Steer clear of distractions. Stay away from people who try to mold you into their definition of who or what you should be. Don’t let other peoples ideas of who or what you should be place limitations on you. Only you and God knows what’s best for you. Your true supporters will support you wether they agree/like with what you’re doing or not. True support is unconditional. Be so confident and sure of yourself that it weeds all of the fake support out due to how uncomfortable your confidence in YOURSELF makes them. Be SURE, Be UNWAVERING, and Be FOCUSED." - words by Raven K. Jackson.
Here's a video of all of us in the middle of our workout from Kake Kamp, having a good time, for the first and last time...
The good thing about legacy-wisdom is that you never have to say goodbye when the person dies. You integrate and apply their wisdom, and honor them through that.
I am grateful for the life of Raven K. Jackson, the Warrior: