Checking in at week 3: A Balanced Approach

Checking in at week 3:


This week 3 of training was difficult because it was a busy week and I didn't have the right methods to keep my food hot or cold as I drove around Atlanta (getting lost on my way to Dunwoody again) for a conference and a few gigs. That means my meal plan suffered, and I knew it would ahead of time so I bought the snacks I knew I needed (granola, mixed nuts, fruit, jerky, water) and my favorite ones I couldn't do without (sour patch kids, pretzels, popcorn....golden krust beef so I could have a balanced approach to pleasure and discipline.

It was the first time in weeks that I was fully on the go, without taking into consideration the timing of meals, rest, or training.

My amount of sleep definitely was compromised from driving, and you guessed it: training plan went downhill as well I ended up several days behind...

HOWEVER..... MY results are still sticking! I got right back to prepping, training and eating ASAP.

A few things that did go well this week: amazing art students captured some newly popping legs and quads.

More hydration (water), more gut-cleansing fruits (banana), a more flushed liver (lemon water)-----along with much more cardio, about 60 hours this week. Just increasing the cardio this week has really been good for my heart and my skin this week, but also my abs: I can definitely feel a difference in them after a few sets of hanging leg raises and sit ups.

Goals for the next week:

I would definitely need to have a food bag and/or a cooler for week 4 so I can be more on point with my nutrition. I don't like "cold" meals, so I will have to experiment with salads instead. Making salads from the vegetables in my plan will probably force me to eat more raw vegetables, which isn't such a bad idea. 

As much as I like working out in the evening because it is part of unwinding from the day, I might just try training in the morning first this week 4, to see how I feel during the day. If I can sustain my whole day without getting tired, then I will consider training in the morning. I just hate the feeling of being worn out before my day begins. 

However, I only have 90 days and if it's that much of a priority, I will have to put training first to *make sure* it gets done. Do I want to work out first thing in the morning? No.

Do I want to miss any more training sessions on the 90 day program? No!!!!