Week 7 - New Habits and Instincts

I'm going into week 7; new habits are starting to stick and my instinct has been geared towards my nutrition. I've gotten myself up earlier but not have been making it to the gym much earlier than usual but this week I'm going to have to really drill down since I'm fast approaching my halfway mark. The weather is getting warm up and I did buy some new outfits yesterday so I don't want to be caught unaware when the weather starts popping because I want to be popping right along with it!

Right now I'm waiting on my clothes to dry so that I can have clean things prepared for the following week. I'm also going to prepare to eat my second meal. I woke up kind of late this morning because thunderstorms kept me up all night. Thank God they weren't more severe----- there were tornado warnings when I woke up, so I decided to wait until there was a break in the weather and it looks like that break has come. 

I think what would work for me if I combine my cardio and my abs. One thing that really worked well for me at my gym session yesterday was experimenting with different types of the goblet squats.

Working out has become a priority of mine and I'm glad to say that on week 7, after 2 weeks of busyness and fatigue ....I'm proud to say that I have developed the habit now of just getting back at it and right now that's what matters most to me ---that I continue.

I'm really interested to see what my muscular potential really is before I so I just keep working and want to be in the best shape that I can be in.

I feel good when I work out. of course getting up and getting going can be a bit of a challenge sometimes. I never not want to go, I just want the going to be easy sometimes-----and that's what's not easy.