Week 5: Digging In

I’ve moved past the soreness of the prior week and move past the weekend. I've also Come into the week with a desire to have more palatable foods. yes the training food on the plan is limited, so I'm going to just experiment with a couple of spices and flavors and just do the best that I can. I really am looking for a sustainable way to continue eating this way! I know that it's a 90-day transformation, but I really want to make sure that it's something that I can sustain because after 90 days I don't want to go back to lose any results. If I can stay on top of the recipes that I like and find interesting then, I can handle it for the long term.

So with renewed vigor I'm looking at my meals a bit differently. I'll do another week of the food that I already have unless that's all used up then I will find the spices that I need for the last week of March and beginning into April.

Future Goals:

I've got a few gigs coming up and some of them are pretty interesting so I want to make sure that I am taking my fitness as a priority so that artists can have an enjoyable time drawing my figure and I can choose a a set of amazing poses.


Things to Work On:

I need to work on obviously cardio more cardio and just keeping up with the training sessions. my week is becoming busier because I have more and more work lined up for the next couple of weeks so I'm going to have to be really disciplined about the time that I go to the gym and I'm feeling like that time is going to vary by day and rest days will also be needed, from the amount of work I am going to be doing.


Using Time Wisely

I'm going to dig into my planner this week and the next two weeks and for the month of April and May to the end of the 90 day challenge. going to need to be able to set aside at least 2 hours of time that that includes driving okay that includes any preparation I might need to do beforehand whether that's changing clothes or whatever and then I'm going to give myself the time to actually work out when I do complete a workout without the cardio it's about an hour and 15 minutes and then with the cardio it's about an hour and 45 minutes so factoring in the driving and the changing that's about 2 hours. So I'm going to have to get really deep and meticulous and technical with my time planner, executing it down to the details in a way that's healthy and sustainable.


One thing that's helping me right now is staying on track with a planner (not a calendar). The planner I have is a daily planner, weekly planner, a monthly planner and a yearly planner rolled all into one. I think it's one thing when you're a fitness entrepreneur and fitness is your lifestyle so you make it a priority because that's your business but if you are an entrepreneur and fitness is not your primary business then you have to work your training in around other stuff right besides just working out.


Visual Accountability:

I will definitely be posting more pictures and videos to keep myself accountable to myself for working out. You're welcome to see that on this website, and on instagram and youtube.