Day 5 - 90 Day Body Transformation with J. Lopez

I pushed through session three today you hear me!!!  This was the most challenging combination of exercises for my upper body that I've ever done. I didn't think I that I was going to make it through plank to push ups *after* push ups. 
That plank push up really got me, but after five sets, I could feel myself getting stronger. My favorite part of my exercise training today was the assisted tricep dips. The gym  I went to today did not have their assisted machine working. So I had to kind of improvise and use a tricep pull-down machine and a combination of unassisted tricep dips. I realized how weak my chest was when I did the unassisted dips after a year of not pressing my chest. So, I alternated----started off my set with the unassisted tricep dips for as many as I could which ended up being close to 6 or 7 dips and then I would go and hit that tricep machine for six for the for the next couple of reps. I enjoyed that.
My lack of cardio this week is showing. I know where my particular "areas of opportunity are." I don't like to call things "problem areas"------ they are areas of opportunity because that is what we're doing! We are improving opportunities for development.
I am so excited because I got my training plan today my training plan for next week. I thought it was going to come on Sunday evening, but it came today which is Friday which is really good because that will allow me to go through the plan for the week and figure out which exercises I might need assistance with.
It also gives me time to watch videos on those exercises. I'm always going to reach out to my trainer but I like to be like somewhat informed before I start asking questions.



 I see that people have had excellent results within 90 days. But I also know that sometimes it takes people at least two or three years to have that physique really really pop. So that's where I'm looking------forward.
I can feel my body changing I can feel my body composition changing just over the last two weeks I officially started training this Monday the 13th but I actually was in a pre-training week the week before that.
I'm much more aware of how my abdominal fat feels. In the past it was uncomfortable to feel that pushing against my clothes. Since I've been training I can still feel that fat but I feel like it's being engaged somehow and if it just feels different on a day-to-day basis. The more that I train, the less abdominal fat I feel.
I can see the sides of my obliques starting to shape up again.
Core is something I always like to work on-----sit-ups, crunches, variations of crunches.  there's a lot of app work that that can possibly be done so whether or not my abs are covered with fat or not I just want to have a strong core because I want to be able to perform dance.  My plan has ab work as a finisher, so that is very cool to me!!