New Skin Care featuring Gunilla of Sweden

New Year, New Skin Care featuring Gunilla of Sweden

The process for this video took me 45 minutes, but I did speed up some processes, so if you have at least an hour before a session I highly recommend a simple routine to get you in the mood to pose. 

This is part of the routine that I normally follow when I am preparing for a virtual portrait session so that no matter the camera quality, my skin looks like a blank canvas.

Product List:


  1. Face Wash - Gunilla of Sweden herbal face wash
  2. Moisturizer – Gunilla of Sweden A17 ceramide cream


  1. Toner - Thayers Witch Hazel Rose
  2. Primer – Studio Dix Mattifine 12 Hr Shine-Control Primer
  3. Highlighter – Danessa Myricks BEAUTY Vision Flush Flow Color for All Over Face – color: CRAVE
  4. Eyeshadow – Absolute New York Blooming Petals Eyeshadow Palette -
  5. Powder and brush – Mary Kay Mineral Powder Foundation Bronze 1
  6. Lip Mask or Chapstick – Laniege Lip Sleeping Mask
  7. Vitamin E Oil Lip Gloss - Broadway Vita Clear Lip Gloss
  8. Lipstick – LA COLORS Moisture Cream Lipstick
  9. Mascara – E.L.F. Lash and Roll
  10. Brushes - Wet and Wild Small Eyseshadow Brush



The first thing I did was I came to sit down here and my face was already cleaned and moisturized with the Gunilla of Sweden herbal face wash and a very light application of the a7 ceramide cream products (process not shown on screen.)

secondly I’m rubbing my hands together that's because they are usually pretty dry so I use the Cerave moisturizing body lotion and actually had to go back for a second helping of that. winter really dries my skin out so using that cream all around my shoulders my arms, my neck as well now going up underneath my chin and the whole chest area making sure that I'm using upward motions.

next I'm taking a cotton round and I have wet the cotton around with toner I'm just making sure that removing any excess oils and impurities.

While my face is absorbing moisture I curl my hair with a portable ceramic hair curler.

I actually wanted to stand up and get close to the mirror because that is my natural skin right there glowing like that before I even apply anything you can see that I've already moisturized it but that's what it looks like with that that really light gel moisturizer the reason I applied it with a cotton round is because I want to make sure that nothing unclean was touching my face. I rolled my eyes up just to get an idea of  what the underneath of my eyes looked like and yeah I was definitely impressed with how my skin looks naturally.

(Two weeks before this video actually got my first cosmetic facial which included steaming a scrub gentle exfoliation.)

Here I'm also applying my MAC primer underneath my on my eyelids and my eye area just to because I don't have an eyeshadow primer or specific primer that I use for my eyes I just use that product.

First thing I'm starting off with this this video is primer and I've learned to use a spray for this purpose but I recorded this video before I actually got my spray. So, for this video I'm using my primer.

I've learned that for performance purposes setting spray works really well but for a one or two hour portrait session, primer is fine. Here, I'm applying it with a brush because I really want precision. I normally I would apply it with a sponge but here I just want to make sure that I'm filling in the areas that I know need to be prime and that's my cheeks forehead. I do have a wrinkle up there that I like to smooth out or smooth the appearance of.

I like to outline where I want my highlighter to go this time I'm applying playing with around the technique of applying my highlighter underneath my powder instead of on top of my powder because my highlighter is pretty wet. It’s a liquid pigment, so, not a powder-based highlighter so I didn't want to run the mistake of having a wet product on top of my dry powder so just going to have this glow underneath. Highlighter – DanessaMyricks BEAUTYVision Flush Flow Color for All Over Face – color: CRAVE it’s a really versatile products, being for all over face. Not streaky, good blendability. Here I’m applying it with a small brush for precision.  The color crave is a nice copper color—I’ve found that gold is a little bright for me when I want to glow I need something with a bit more orange or reddish hue, forget glowing, we wanna burn, hunni.

the eyeshadow that I'm using eyeshadow palette was a gift, and it appears to be so that's the brand and Scott a whole bunch of really nice deep warm colors that actually used some of the glitter for Holiday performance about a month ago so really impressed with it as a beginner palette. It’s small enough to take with with me to my gigs and I like there are just enough colors to experiment , so the next time I buy another pallette or an indivudal shawdows, then I will know which colors appeal to me the most.

Going in with a lighter color on my brow bone and just underneath my eyebrows really is something I like to do especially to highlight the area underneath my eyes since my skin is a dark and deep I do like to bring that area out and I just blending that with a small angled brush. For this, I’ve used a color that is similar to my highlight, kind of shimmery/frosty. (I used two eyeshadows from this pallette for my most recent makeup video and I loved them on my dark skin. I also used that bright orange glitter shadow for a holiday performance last month and It looked so AMAZING on me. I got so many compliments, I just needed a glitter primer to help it stay on.)

not too much with the brows this time since it is just a quick look, but I am a fan of kohl, and creating a natural look instead of the bold structured brow. For portraiture, you can have your creative preferences as a model, but I def. prefer to keep it natural, just enhanced. And let the fine artists make the determination on what to exxagerate.

after my primer has dried and fully set then I know it's time to apply my face powder and this is actually this was also a gift it is a Mary Kay product - there deepest powder that they have. I was skeptical about using it because it's so much lighter than my real skin tone but I found that when it blends in really well it gives me a nice soft natural looking finish without me looking like I have a complexion that doesn't belong.

finishing off with mascara after deciding not to add anything else to my eyes. just two coats, no lashes.

 I’m removing my lip sleeping mask I found that this mask really does wonders for my lips for this season of winter dryness for me. so this is something that I like to keep on to keep the skin exfoliated and moisturized it's taken about  3-4 days of use to feel results and 2 weeks of consistent use for me to see dramatic results. when I first put it on it is such a healing feeling it feels so much better than chapstick.

although I'm not knocking chapstick chapstick is on my art model Fit Life modeling studio self-care checklist and it's on the art model fit prep checklist is also on the art model fit recovery checklist

that this is it covers and coats and fills me in and moisturizes me and it exfoliates due to the vitamin c so I actually do get a peeling effect when I'm using it and just making sure to scrub that and slide that off with olive scrub or other means. So that's what I'm removing here and replacing that with this lipstick which is soft creamy

my lips are still moisturized and hydrated I did add a little bit of gloss as well as my glasses actually vitamin e oil so just want to keep up the healthy oils on the skin of my lips and just kind of like having a healing and protective  coating on them at all possible times.

no lip liner for definition.

Going for a nude natural lip color here from LA Colors, this lipstick was an experiment and I’d like to try a different brand, eventually.

And that’s it, how to literally glow in my dark skin with these products and enhance what’s already there. I know you can do the same thing!