UNMOTIVATED? Make your fitness FUN

Fitness Challenges are an easy win! 

Here are 3 ways to get motivated:

1.  Fitness 365:

 Look out for walking or running events in your city during the warm spring and summer months. Colder Fall and Winter months are great times to workout at home, in the gym or at a studio to avoid personal injuries during inclement weather.

2.  Fitness for Charity

What's important to you? Giving is an all-year round exercise of connection and faith. These challenges are hosted by reputable charitable organizations:

St. Jude's Research Hospital - 100 Crunches A Day

American Cancer Society - 25 Pushups a Day

American Cancer Society - 50 Squats a Day


3.  Virtual Fitness challenges

Virtual fitness challenges pretty much leave you no excuse. They are usually flexible, and an instructor is just a click away. These virtual challenges also have active members that create a unique digital community: 

30 Minute Abs with ArtModelFit

90 Day Body Transformation with J. Lopez