Skin Care with Gunilla of Sweden - Healing Lerosett Clay

Before and After with Gunilla of Sweden

My skin has been through a number of challenges over the last few summer months:

Dehydration, heat waves, dryness and a bit of stress from overworking. Here's what I did to repair and restore moisture! 

I started with internal hydration and habits that led to more supple skin. The first thing I did was use my discount code "Kaia1".

With my code, I get a mini version of the clay and, the Moisture Matte oil-free moisturizer.

Here's my before and After with Gunilla of Sweden!

This first picture was taken at the end of June/beginning of July. It was a particularly hot month in the South, and in Georgia temperatures peaked above 100 degrees. It was a thick heat, and it was almost boiling hot outside. I also started to eat and drink more foods with higher fat content and oils. My combination/oily skin hated these things and it started to become inflamed.

Gunilla of Sweden Before and After Healing Clay

I started with internal hydration and habits that led to healed skin:

I started cutting out sugars, alcohols (including bodywashes with heavy chemicals and perfumes), any residue or chemicals from hair products, and excessive caffiene. Also, replenishing with fruits and water with a higher PH (Alkaline). Drinking tea, aloe water, and a combination of herbal spices and dried herbal powders helps clear up the whole body and hydrate from the inside out.

The next step I took was working out more, which helps me relieve stress. Stretching and Dancing and Conditioning for at least 2 hours a day helps me feel very good. It also forces my skin to breathe and remove toxins, which can be exfoliated and cleansed away. I use the clear skin face wash for this.

 Restful and restorative sleep repairs the body. When I work out intensely, I sleep deeper, and better. I allow myself to take the time to rest when I need it, otherwise, I can't be as effective in anything I do.

Secondly, as the internal practices above start working, I began to add more steam to my skincare routine and switching up the products I use. I  used Lerosett clay by Gunilla of Sweden to remove toxins, by applying it on the affected areas and then, washing it off as reccommended. ut I need a bit more moisture during this time, so I have been consuming vitamins E and A.

Here is my after picture, just 4 weeks later in the middle of August!:

Gunilla of Sweden Aftercare

The redness and irritation are gone and my skin is healing.

Today, I ordered the herbal face wash and the ceramide cream along with the herbal toner. I used my special discount "Kaia1" so that I can continue using my clay mask, which I love so much!

Gunilla of Sweden Lerosett Clay

featured product: Gunilla of Sweden Lerosett Clay

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The Fall season is right around the corner and is one of the most difficult times for me because my skin tends to become very dry during this time. The faster I can get my moisturizer, the more I can plump up my skin!

Check out my latest video on the products I used to heal my skin.

The balancing act between oily and dry can be a bit tricky but the clay seems like a great way to neutralize inflamed skin conditions.

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