I am creating a spring bling costume review video in which I will be reviewing a costume that I created or purchased in combination with other items, the process of purchasing the items the effects of the costume, and whether or not I would repurchase or recommend the items. I talk about my creative process for making costumes and  how I transfer my initial imagined idea into something that inspires fine art.

This is a costume that I constructed originally for a draped figure drawing session. I’m super proud of it so let’s talk about it!

Inspiration: Natural Drapery
the inspiration for Spring Bling costume was actually inspired by asymmetrical bodysuits, asymmetrical swimsuits and asymmetrical dress hemlines. The initial idea that I had for the costume was something extremely glamorous. For this particular thing I was really playing with the idea of natural drapery and natural embellishments and a day before the session it was Springtime. it was like the last day of winter and as the trees and everything were starting to bloom. I have been really excited about the season and the energy of the whole thing. even the rainy Days the soppy wet  cooler days are are nourishing. As I sketched, I was seriously thinking about natural drapery and vines in particular ivy, the way that flowers drape along a vine. Sketches, Bodysuits

nothing says Springtime more than tulle and florals , so I kept it light and airy with 6 yards of tulle on a spool and worked that into the costume itself. typically I like to have like a skirt or something that's draping but I figured that the florals, if they would adorn my body in such a way that could be considered drapery and  without fabric I mean it's still a Drape. So in the alternative to fabric there was the floral garlands.
I like to  use color that looks good with my skin tone . It also reminded me There is a flower growing wild in Georgia and it is known as Chinese Wisteria and Japanese Wisteria---according to internet sources ( the National Park Service, it is “high climbing, twining or trailing…vines with showy dangling clusters of spring flowers…” . You can smell this flower from the roadside in Georgia. It is gorgeous and it smells gorgeous and seems to bloom only during the springtime! So I decided on purple.
I started by wrapping the tull around my inner thighs and groin area to create  kind of a garter like effect or underwear like effect for security. I'm really kind of securing most of the costume around my legs and glutes and then further just wrapping the costume and weaving the tull around the crotch area for  security and coverage in that area. Then also creating this draped front style top here with a little Fringe hanging
I did The Bling part of the costume to covering up my breast area with these adhesive decorative bling strips. It was a flirty bling for sure. I would like to let the flowers to most of the blinging.
Another thing that I found was great was well the strips of bring each very narrow and very small and and thin strips so I had to use three rows of those strips to cover the breast area that I needed to cover in order to make the costume more appropriate. I don't know how I even considered that this was appropriate  for the for the wrong audience it would be entirely inappropriate but I mean  whatever. It's spring time baby
I think with better planning and more time, this costume could be something that's a little more long-lasting especially if I get to work on my sewing machine and use a really nice zipper in the back instead of a tulle wrapping if I could create an actual costume out of this that would be great but it was actually a little more ephemeral and perhaps just meant to be there for a season just like springtime itself. You'll find that the nature of spring is that things only are here for a short time,so yeah honoring the transitional nature of this season is  important  This costume is much more suited for standing poses! Next time, I would consider using a maybe like a stretch jersey knit fabric or a swimwear nylon stretch fabric would have been more ideal.

Then, I was able to use gunilla of sweden moisture matte oil-free moisturizer before the session. Luckily the product is oil-free so it worked out not just for my skin, but for my costume! We went with a simple look-full coverage, concealer and powder! Defning the brows and keeping the neck and chest natural, moisturized and matte! Spring Bling Makeup Routine
Another thing about this costume creation experience the artists were surprised I mean they were expecting fabric I just didn't have access to any at the time.  the instructor for the class after seeing my costume notified me that I could have used a dress but all the dresses that I have are pretty much like skin tight so there's not much draping going on there. That's probably a sign that I should probably invest in something a little more draped out. But I had to come with something and  I love Springtime and I love making costumes. Another and  little outfits. Art Model Costume Shop

The artists really enjoyed the experience. think it was something they were not expecting to see.  And that's what makes me incredibly happy. and really enjoyed the work That they produced. And that's what makes me incredibly happy!