January 2023 Fitness Challenge Update

In my last blog post I talked about something that I've been doing to help give me healthy results during this January challenge. 

Here, I talk about what it’s to be more than halfway through this challenge and   what it’s like to be a part of a virtual fitness community.

I thought about the walk for breast cancer, and I thought it was the only charitable fitness challenge happening but it isn't. This is my first time joining a virtual fitness challenge, so I intend to go all the way to the end of it.

It's not a competition, it's just a challenge, but it's good training for competitions.

I intend to compete within the next five years. Any amount of discipline and training helps.

A lot of people in the Facebook group for this challenge have loved ones who have died or are currently struggling with battling various types of childhood diseases, so it's personal to see those posts every now and then but mostly what I've seen are people challenging themselves. 

A friend from high school posted this on her Facebook page. She couldn’t participate in the challenge, but she did raise awareness and I commend her for that. That's how I got into being aware of these types of challenges.

I love being able to do this and to watch other people also do this. people have been putting their own variations on the crunches. It's all ages and fitness levels. People have been sharing information about how to do crunches the right way, so people don't get injured or strain themselves. Some people are doing much more than 300 they're already super fit and they're already just incorporating these into their routine and then also there's other people that haven't worked out in a very long time and they're just getting back into it. 

There are all age levels, all body types, all races so it’s interesting that you don't have to go to the gym to feel that support. Doing this is  big for somebody who doesn't even like working out at home.

As of today, the challenge only has 2 days left so if you haven’t donated, there is a link in the description bar below. The next challenge is the 28 pushups a day in February 2023 so stay tuned!