Day 6 - 90 Day Body Transformation with the Trainer God, J. Lopez

I've got a very interesting update. It's day 6 of 90 of my 90 day body transformation with J Lopez. 

First of all let me say that I didn't think that any results were going to come in after just six it hasn't even been a full week of training. I have a hard time believing that this is what I look like after just 6 days. I've been trying to follow this plan as closely as possible; if I slip up one day I'm trying to catch up the next day.
I think my body is responding really well to what I'm doing and it's encouraging to see transformation from pictures and videos.
I am so hungry today I went through like three meals straight and and back to back----- I need that ENERGY: last night's session was intense!
I'm hungry for results.
Out of respect for the program that my trainer created on his own, I'm not going to be posting my entire training plan but I will talk about some of my favorite and least favorite exercises and the ones that are challenging me the most and what my areas of opportunity are.
In future weeks I'd like to create videos, just detailing my progress on this 90 day body transformation program. I'm not a personal trainer and although I would consider getting a certification, right now I'm just trying to learn everything I can and put myself through this process to make better Art!
My mentality is is definitely different this time around is it's a complete 180 degrees from how I felt when I was training before. This time I'm not focused on my results I'm not even thinking about what my body is going to look like what I'm thinking about is can I make it through the plan on a day today basis.
I hate it when people use that phrase "at the end of the day, we all have the same 24 hours." 
Time not even linear---- it ain't no 24 hours in the f****** day-----time is always rolling, so I don't really care what time it is-----I care about finishing the work.
I care about doing the work-----and scraping the plate. 
The day is done when the work is done.
I'm so solid right now on my commitments, I've never been so determined about anything in my life.
I can guarantee you when I was down there on that exercise mat in the gym yesterday and I was struggling through those push up those plank to push ups I said "I love this s***."
This is the real work!
As I was looking around the gym at other people working out,  something just felt right---it feels natural to to be here and it feels natural to engage myself like this.