Day 12 - Checking in for Week 2

What was supposed to be a training day for me ended up not being a training day at all,  but I am just going to stay on my plan.

I really want to finish my sessions for this week.

I don't really care about pictures 

I'm not looking for results right now. I'm just glad that I have a plan to follow and I'm not shooting in the dark like I was all this time.

It's hard for me to get discouraged, given what I've been through. Discouragement is almost too easy for me now. So there's nothing to do except to work the plan.

 I'm not really too hung up on results or rapid results. I'm kind of really just hung up on the fact that I'm really just trying to initiate a healthier habit:  getting back to a consistent fitness routine and developing my muscular potential. I know that things take time but I also know that this is possibly the healthiest thing I could be doing.